Saturday, August 7, 2010

Album Review: The Limousines Get Sharp

"The kids are disco dancin'/They're tired of rock n' roll/Don''t bother telling them that drum machines ain't got no soul," vocalist Eric sings in The Limousines' Buggles-inspired "Internet Killed The Video Star." Don't take this statement at face value however. The San Francisco-based act, made up of Eric and beatmeister Gio, seem set on proving that the groove is not only in the feet but in the heart as well.

The duo's debut Get Sharp, a follow-up to last year's Scrapbook EP, combines upbeat, electronic wizardry with often introspective lyrics. "The Future," is perhaps the catchiest tune about nihilism ever recorded. "And we die our empty bodies turn to dust," Eric sings. "There's nothing we can do that matters/But that's okay." Angels, demons, heaven and hell are all dismissed in the name of living for the moment, however temporary. Standout track "Very Busy People," offers a sardonic take on modern society's unproductive productiveness. "We'll stay up late making mixtapes/Photoshopping pictures of ourselves/While we masturbate to these pixelated videos/Of strangers fucking themselves," Eric sings in a matter-of-fact voice, seemingly implicating himself and the rest of us for our everyday acts of self-indulgence.

The title track's lyrics mockingly recite the trappings of conventional middle class life, from chasing a paystub to getting the 9 to 5 cubicle-ready haircut. "Maybe it's my slacker lack of motivation or whatever" Erics sings with more swagger in his voice over bits and samples that sound straight out of 80's video game Duck Hunt. Musically the album is all drum loops, synths, thumping bass and samples, and seldom veers off into unfamiliar territory, with the exception of tribal beats that end "Wildfire" and the distorted vocal tripping of "Wishing Well." While the music backdrop is rarely dull, more sonic experimentation could have made for a more explosive overall sound.

The albums last songs ends with The Shirelles'-borrowed lines "Mama said there'd be days like this." While what Eric is refering to is unclear, hopefully the duo's next release will provide further clues. Their debut certainly has given plenty of food for thought.

Check out The Limousines Myspace page, and watch the video for "Internet Killed The Video Star" below

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