Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pride Tiger

Back when I was a sophomore in college (waaay back three years ago:) and working at the campus radio station, I got Pride Tiger's The Lucky Ones in the mail. If you've ever worked at a station, you already know one of the chief responsibilities is sifting through mountains of crappy music to find one or two(if any) gems. Luckily Pride Tiger was one of them. Their music was catchy and melodic, but still had edge. Think Thin Lizzy but updated for the 2000s. Sadly, when I looked up the band to see if they'd released any new material since, I'd discovered they had broken up. Oh well. At least I'll always have memories of The Lucky Ones *starts to sing Boys II Men's "It's So Hard."* Okay enough of that lol. Check out some of the group's music, as well as a live performance below:

What It Is by Pride Tiger

Fill Me In by Pride Tiger

Forget Everything by Pride Tiger

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