Monday, August 23, 2010

Artist Profile: Kele

Since Bloc Party declared itself on hiatus last year, member Kele has stepped out onto the solo platform with his debut The Boxer, released in June. Kele's solo material has taken a decidely more synthesized, dancier direction than his work in Bloc Party's. Which is all good for me. The dancier the better I say. Kele, who came out in a magazine interview with Butt Magazine a few years back, is also one of the few openly gay black artists of any genre, a fact he sees as important in showing the diversity of the gay community. "If I’d have had someone saying it’s okay to be you when I was a teenager, I’d probably be a very different person. That is why I’m doing this now, after years of not doing it. It’s good to show that gays come in all shapes and sizes.” Anywho, take a listen to a few tracks and watch the "Tenderoni" video below:

Tenderoni by KELE

Everything You Wanted by KELE

The New Rules by Kele;Kele Okereke

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