Saturday, August 14, 2010

Artist Profile: Murdocks

Anyone looking for loud, nasty, metallic power pop rock need look no further than Murdocks. The Texas-based band has all the ingredients needed for three-chord catharsis. Roaring power chords? Check. Screaming vocals? Check. Melodies and riffs that lodge themselves in your skull like a venereal disease?Check.

The band's new album Distortionist, set for release on Septemeber 14th, will contain plently of guitar-heavy, melodic music if the songs on their Myspace page are any indication. Some of the tracks, with titles like "Bloodsicle" and "OMG" sound heavily influenced by Dookie-era Green Day, but Murdocks don't come off like imitators. You can download four tracks from Distortionist by clicking on the widget below, and watch the band's video for "Black Jesus Knocking."

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