Saturday, August 14, 2010

Artist Profile: Le Vice

This San Francisco foursome, made up of vocalist Alex Lee, bassist/keyboardist Sean Stillinger, guitarist Renzo Staiano and drummer Darrin Thomas, specialize in a unique brand of hip-hop soul-influenced hipster funk. Think the Roots with Laruyn Hill or Erykah Badu as a frontwoman, or Maroon 5 with MC Lyte or Salt-N-Pepa occasionally moonlighting.

Le Vice's musical influences include everyhing from rap and R&B to jazz and metal. Such diversity is on full display with tracks like the hip hop/indie rock mash up "2 O Clock," showing Lee in full, braggadocious emcee form, and dancefloor gems like "Hard To Be Ill," and "Shy Guy." Le Vice's self-titled debut comes out on August 17th.

Check out the group's official site here, and listen to a few downloadable tracks below:

2 O'Clock

Hard To Be Ill

Shy Guy

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