Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Darwin Deez Drops Willy Wonka Mixtape

Imagine a mixtape featuring Das Racist, Chiddy Bang, Dev Hyne and KOOL AD rapping  over music from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. Pure awesomeness right? Well imagine no more because Darwin Deez has made many a music and movie geek's dream a reality.

The up and coming pop superstar recruited the hottest of rap's burgeoning underground to create Wonky Beats, a full-length mixtape consisting entirely of samples from the surreal 1971 classic. According to Deez, Wonky Beats is no ordinary mixtape.

“It's a high concept mix-tape, tailor-made for multi-generational impact ... it's like the Grey album but with Chocolate.[I was] inspired by Das Rascist's "You Oughta Know," lazily singing along with the choruses. Chunky as hell beats. The film is a great allegory. I never knew it was allegorical until a stoner pointed that out to me though."

Deez said music from original score, such as "Cheer Up Charlie" and "Pure Imagination," were perfect hooks for his guest stars to rap over.

"I just always loved the songs.  Really special melodies and chords. [I] thought they'd make good hip hop choruses."

The singer is releasing Wonky Beats for free online. Fans can download the album here. But that's not all boys and girls. Five lucky fans will find a golden ticket inside their zip folder when they download the mixtape. Those who get the golden ticket can redeem them in exchange for a lifetime supply of Darwin Deez's music and tickets to his headlining shows.

Get a taste of Wonky Beats by listening to "Where's The Chocolate" below:

Darwin Deez-Where's The Chocolate

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