Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Did Kanye Swagger Jack For The "Monster" Video?

Kanye's clip for "Monster" definitely lives up to its title--with scenes of severed heads, dead models and an assortment of other nightmare creatures--along with the traditional bloody gore. The video's intense imagery may have another source besides the macabre minds of West and director Jake Nava however.

According to, "Monster" bears a striking similarity to a 2008 clip for "The Ark," by Philadelphia indie rockers Dr. Dog. West even posted the video on his blog two years ago, and featured stills from the video under the heading "Beautiful."

When reached for comment by, video director Adam Kurland was diplomatic about the situation.

"I agree there are some obvious visual similarities. But these are two very distinctly different videos with different tones and messages. Perhaps the Dr. Dog inspired moments in the video, but I could not say this conclusively either way."

"If Kanye or the director watched it and saw something in it and said, 'We want to do that,' then I'm flattered. Really," Kurland added. "I think that the video work that Kanye has produced for his albums has always been outstanding. He chooses to work with incredibly talented artists and never shies away from taking chances, and I don't think that this video is any different."

So was Ye' inspired by Dr. Dog or was this a rip off? Judge for yourself below:

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