Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Artist Profile: Dot

Releasing his first mixtape, Microphone Fiend, in 2006 after leaving to pursue, in his own words, a "Masters on the Billboard charts," rapper Dot sounds a like a student of the Kanye West path to fame. But in actuality the Philly native sounds more like Yeezy's mentor Jay-Z, with his laid back but confident delivery and clever metaphors. Rapping since the age of 11, the aspiring MC experienced the highs and lows of life early, growing up in Philly's rougher neighborhoods while attending Catholic school.

Inspired by NYC rap icons like Nas and Biggie, Dot decided to relocate to the Big Apple last year to work on his debut album, entitled Aviators & Bombers, a concept album based around people's belief that having a lot of material goods equals success. The album is set for release later this year. Until then though, get into the video for "The World Is Not Enough." The track has an East Coast, mid-90's feel to it. Download the track here.

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