Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Artist Profile: The Movement Fam

The Movement Fam, made up of rapper Cee and singer Bekah, as well as occasional appearances from solo rapper Notion, craft a mix of hip hop, soul and pop/rock they define as "Soul Hop." Originally hailing from Melbourne before making their way to Toronto, their music mines the soulful, R&B-influenced hip hop of Common, College Dropout-era Kanye West and Lauryn Hill.

Tracks like "Livin' This Life" blend DJ scratching, Bekah's sultry vocals and guitar licks while Cee nimbly spits rhymes about being successful against all odds. The old-school soul sampling "Anything For You" gives Bekah space to get her Alicia Keys on, as she wails over the track about a loyal lover. But lyrically the theme consistently turns back to the struggle for success.

"Even though I'm so imperfect/I'm so determined/Been doin' this for too long to be crashin' and burnin'" Notion raps in "All Of This Time" while Bekah advises "Don't look back/The past is dead," in "Livin' This Life." Romance is fine, but unbridled ambition and love for the music are the group's real motivations. Such determination, along with their evolving style, will likely propel them into the stratosphere of superstardom they desire. Listen to a few tracks below:

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