Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Artist Profile: The Downer Party

San Francisco-based band The Downer Party (kind of a contradictory name isn't it?:) have a knack for making catchy songs that combine pop melodies with grimy guitars that are, in their own words, "fun songs about crappy situations."

Made up of members from several Bay Area bands like French Miami, Elephone and Two Seconds, the band's upcoming Cities EP explores the agony and ecstasy of young love in the urban metropolis.

"Cities is about being disconnected from the people you care about and the attempts we all make to cope with that weirdness," singer Sierra Frost explains. "It's about home and removedness...you know?

With songs like "Country Kid" and "Chicago," hooky gems filled with warm, off-kilter melodies and lyrics that are by turns humorous and biting but always accessible, it's likely plenty of people will be singing along whether they want to or not. Cities comes out April 1st. Listen below:

Country Kid


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