Thursday, April 14, 2011

Artist Profile: Tic Tic Boom!

When the goal is for your music to be labeled "electro-pop-tacular," you better stack big beats and supersonic synthesizers or go home. Fortunately Hollywood-based indie pop quartet Tic Tic Boom! are up to the task. Driven by the creative collaboration of Mike DeLay and Leilani Francisco, the band crafts giddy synth pop that combines lo-fi guitars, electronic flourishes and catchy melodies.

The uptempo romp "Just Friends" sounds like a long lost Go-Go's track, with it's bendy new wave-style guitars, fluttering synths and smooth harmonies.

Meanwhile, "The Pattern," driven by loopy synths, frenetic bass and Cure-style guitars, discusses such somber topics like death and nuclear war, proving that Leilani's voice has the power to make anything sound bright and poppy. A "99 Luftballoons" for Generation Y. Listen to a few tracks below:

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