Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Poly Styrene Dies At 53

Punk rock pioneer Poly Styrene has passed away from cancer. Born Marianne Elliot Said on June 3, 1957, Styrene infused her music with incisive commentary on gender politics, consumer culture and modern life, while her attire of braces and bright, dayglo clothes playfully rebelled against the status quo. The singer's seminal album Germ Free Adolescents had a major impact on the genres of Britpop and Riot Grrl.

The singer's latest release, Generation Indigo, continued her knack for writing songs with a message, from "I Luv Your Sneakers," her endorsement of cruelty-free products, or as she put it, "being conscious of the slaughterhouse culture," to talking about racism ("Colour Blind") to those living in poverty ("No Rockefeller"). The singer gave an interview about the album, which comes out today. You can watch interview with Poly Styrene talking about the album below. You can also stream Generation Indigo at AOL Spinner.

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