Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eldridge Rodriguez "Miss Me When I'm Gone"

"Miss Me When I'm Gone," a song  by The Beatings' front man Cameron Keiber's solo project Eldridge Rodriguez, is a minimalist piece of pop/rock, with acoustic guitars and simple but steady drum work. Joined by guest vocalist Sarah Borges, the track's lyrics ruefully tell an ex-lover/friend how much they'll lose by leaving.

Lines like "Like a face that needs a fist/Like a razor that needs a wrist," show how serious the duo are, while humorous ones like "I tried to clear my aching head/By running naked through the streets/They came and tied me to bed/I will admit this was a minor defeat" add a bit of levity.

"Miss Me When I'm Gone" is from Eldridge Rodriguez's album You Are Released, which was released back in March. Listen below.

Miss Me When Im Gone by Eldridge Rodriguez

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