Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Foo Fighters Give Away 'Wasting Light' Master Tapes

Foo Fighters singer/guitarist Dave Grohl has revealed that the band is giving away master tapes from their latest release Wasting Light by inserting them into copies of the album.

Grohl told L.A. Weekly they decided to destroy masters of the album, recorded entirely on analog tape, once it was completed. 

"We recorded the record in my garage to analog tape, and probably wound up with 20-30 reels of tapes. At the end of the session I thought it would be an extraordinary move to destroy all the masters and give the pieces of the tapes to the fans."

He said the band chose to give away the tapes to "prove a point to everybody to show how intangible a real tape can be. I thought, let's chop it up into a million pieces, and give it to the people who buy the album so they can hold it in their hands and see it."

Fans will know if their copy of Wasting Light contains a piece of the master tape if the CD has a sticker that says: "Recorded entirely on onalog tape in Dave's garage. A piece of the original master tape included in this package."

Watch Dave give a tour of the garage/studio over at

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