Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Q&A: The Five One

Currently making waves with the hip pop jam "Closing Time," Virginia rap group The Five One have been playing the genre mashup game for a minute, reworking hit from a diverse group of artists ranging from Janet Jackson to Vampire Weekend. In a quick chat with Indies And The Underground, the group talks about how they got their name, the power of old-school Disney movies, and their favorite songs on the radio.

How did you come up with the name The Five One?
The name represents the area where we all are from as the 51st state.  its the part of Virginia thats right next to DC. DC suburbs.

What were your early musical/songwriting influences?
Early Disney movies like Robin Hood and Jungle Book, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and the list goes on but if you day early influences I think it all starts with Disney for us and sat Morning Cartoons.
You guys have reworked songs by Daft Punk, Vampire Weekend, Janet Jackson and Semisonic for the new track "Closing Time." How do you approach remixing/remaking a song?
Things that we listen to will just speak to us and we find a song working a song just rework the concepts like a filmmakers do.

You're also one of the few live bands in rap. How do you feel that influences your music?
It brings an element of freedom which allows us to not think of genres and style 

What are your top 3 favorite songs on the radio right now ?
Wocka Flocka - Hard in the Paint , Wocka Flocka "No Hands," and if Rebecca Black - Friday is on the radio that's it.

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