Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Double Vid Pick: Xzibit Ft. Young De "Man On The Moon"/G-Side "Came Up"

Having come across two clips today that I found pretty cool, I thought I'd do a rare double vid pick. First up is a new video from rap veteran Xzibit and Young De for the new single "Man On The Moon," the first offering from his upcoming album MMXI. The clip shows the rappers underwater brandishing different objects for both serious and comic effect. It's simple but effective.

The other vid pick is Alabama duo G-Side's documentary-style clip for "Came Up." Far from a glammed up hometown trip through the hood, with scenes filmed in rundown project hallways and buildings. The visuals are made all the more poignant by the track, which features melancholy violins and atmospheric keyboards. ST 2 Lettaz told Spin "We went back to the block. We back to where we came from -- back to the basics to show where we came up from." Adds Yung Clova, "We wanted to show people our hometown."

Watch the video below.

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